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Focused care
to improve your way of life.

Our Goal

To provide you with expert Chiropractic, functional and alternative care.

Our Approach

Our treatment approach focuses on improving your functional movement and decreasing pain as well as improving your ability to be pain free during life’s daily tasks, sports, or occupation related duties.

Your Partner

We will be your partner in the process of improving and optimizing your health.



Auto Accident and Injury Care

Back and Neck Pain Relief Care


Functional Rehabilitation and Therapy Care

Pain Relieving Products

High Grade Nutritional Supplements

Certified Functional Movement Practitioner

Post surgical and injury Scar Tissue treatment

Leg Compression Therapy

About Dr. Jerad Bludorn

Dr. Jerad Bludorn graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington MN in April 2002, with a Board Certified Doctorate of Chiropractic and Acupuncturist Certification. His undergraduate work was performed in Aberdeen SD at Northen State University.


Upon graduation Dr Bludorn worked in Minneapolis at Crossroads Heath Center for 2 years and then started Motion Care Chiropractic in Plymouth, MN, where he focused exclusively on Auto Accident care and high level competitive athletic care. After 3 ½ years of practice, he returned home to Lake Norden to start Lake Norden Family Chiropractic.  

Doctor Wearing a Tie

Dr. Bludorn has traveled to many trade shows and seminars, lecturing and treating professional athletes in conjunction with Pivotal Health Solutions, as well as keeping up with his 10 children.


In his spare time (which isn’t much!), Dr. Bludorn likes to spend time with his family, go fishing, hunting, wakeboarding, snowboarding and work on projects at home.

Dr Bludorn’s focus on health problems for his patient is specialized in care throughout life. From treating infants and children with colic, ear infections and developmental issues to athletic sports injuries, injury care and treatment of degenerative or adult injury care as well.

Dr Bludorn has worked with many industries prior to his Chiropractic practice and used that expertise to develop soft tissue mobilization tools called Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools®, which are utilized to break up scar tissue adhesions and improve healing in injured tissue as well as pain free movement.


In conjunction with his soft tissue tools Dr Bludorn worked with the professionals at internationally recognized massage Lotion Company, Biotone Incorporated, to formulate a new cream designed specifically for the Fluid Motion Tools®.

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